Know Your Odds, Burnie Skate Jam -
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Know Your Odds, Burnie Skate Jam

Know Your Odds – Burnie Skate Jam

SPONSORS –  (Burnie City Council, Know Your Odds, Red Herring Surf & St John Ambulance)


This was an action-packed day right from the beginning! We had BMX, scooter riders and skateboarders of all ages warming up on the park, finding their lines, battling for space, and speed against the wind. We had Isaac “STRAY” Long  @isaacstraylong droppin verses for us with epic music flowing through the day, keeping the hype alive, and getting amongst the audience. (check him out!)

The contest consisted of six divisions:

Scooter – 16 & under / OPEN

BMX 16 & under / OPEN

Skateboarding 16 & under / OPEN

The Junior riders in each division pushed hard to secure their spot in the final, with a combination of big air & technical tricks. For a few riders, it was their first competition, the crowd made them feel welcome, and the boys busted out big! The OPEN competitors came out charging..! Landing huge tricks, and showing true consistency, the contest was tight to say the least! Many of the competitors’ results were separated by only a point or two!!

In these photos taken by Jesse Carley @jesse_carley we see the winners and finalists for junior and Open divisions.


Looking forward to the next one, and all the competitors were STOKED with the prizes supplied by Red Herring Surf.



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