Meet The Team: Caitlin -
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Meet The Team: Caitlin



What do you love about working at RHS? My favourite thing about working for RHS is the values behind the company, they actually care about their staff and their customers. Being a local company makes all the difference. Also their involvement of their charity, Lifeline and support of the youth in Tassie! What are your favourite places around Tasmania? I recently visited the west coast for the first time, went to Strahan and absolutely loved it! But generally just love the city of Hobart, the wharf, the beaches, the mountain etc! Favourite brand we stock? I’m always wearing my RES denim Jeans and Nike or Adidas shoes ! What makes you happy? Achieving my goals, being productive, going on adventures and socialising with friends. Beach or camping in summer, or snuggling by the fire with a hot drink in winter. What are you doing when your not at work? Cook new things, study, go out for food and drinks on the weekend!

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