Summer In Tasmania -
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Summer In Tasmania

A blog by local/not so local adventurer, Digby Ayton


Summer in Tasmania is not the always warm breezes and fluffy clouds that roam above other parts of Australia. Most mornings still have enough bite to nip at your toes as they peek outside the warm boundaries of the sleeping bag. Wetsuits still have to be worn and the weather only seems to change slightly slower than the winter months.

While other states have been setting records for heat waves, fried eggs on cars and all sorts of wonderful things. It seems to me that this summer has been a little odd down in quiet Tasmania. The wind has been blowing more than usual and maybe temperatures have not gotten quite so high. Despite this there has still been some waves and all the usual nooks have had a ripple from time to time. So here are some photos that remind me of the summers in Tasmania. The blue eastern coast, strong north-easters and sunburnt eyes.


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