| Bella Goward
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Bella Goward

team rhs

  • Hometown Clifton Beach
  • Years skating/surfing 4 Years
  • Favourite place to skate/surf Cloudy bay and seven mile point
  • Favourite board My JS monster box, 5’6 x 18.5 x 2.5
  • Sponsors? - Red Herring!!
  • Favourite food Anything banana flavoured
  • Current obsession Sun baking
  • What destination is next on your travel list? King Island
  • Favourite place in Tassie Seymour
  • How would you describe paradise? Warm, prefect waves and no wind or crowds
  • What’s your motto you live by Life is only as good as your mindset
  • Worst injury so far Broken toe
  • Heroes Dad, Steph Gilmore and Barack Obama
  • What is a perfect Sunday morning to you? Wake up early, have a good surf and then eat eggs on toast with avocado in the sun haha
  • One thing you think everyone should try at least once? Surfing!
  • Top three bands? Glass animals, Odesza and Safia
  • Describe yourself in one word Spirited