Benn Richardson, Red Herring Surf | Launceston, Burnie & Hobart, TAS
Benn is an avid surfer residing in the Scamander, TAS area. Visit Red Herring Surf today and say hello and don't forget to ask about our adult wetsuits and more!
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Benn Richardson

team rhs

  • Birth date - 24 Feb 1984
  • Hometown - Beaumaris
  • Residence - Scamander
  • Years surfing - 15 years
  • Favourite beaches - scamander, friendly beaches..
  • Favourite reefs - lots!! A few around bicheno, shipstern bluff, trial harbour
  • Favourite board - right now it would have to be my 5’8 x 19 x 2 1/8 quad awesome!!
  • Mode of transport - nissan navara
  • Any pets - nah not just yet
  • Favourite food - sushi at the moment!!
  • Favourite colour - blue
  • Who gets you amped - people having the most fun on the day, could be anyone!!
  • Which word phrases do you most over use - killer dude!
  • Most treasured possession - ah not too sure, my jetski maybe!
  • Dream job - would have to be doing it now, diving!!
  • Hang out with - the east coast crew.
  • Whats your motto you live by - treat others with the respect they deserve!
  • You go surfing because - its fun keeps me sane and i love it!
  • Worst injury so far - torn medial ligaments in my right knee
  • Heroes - my parents, and people who are enjoying themselves..
  • Hottest chick in the world - Jen Hawkins
  • Who is the best photog to shoot with - Nige Eberhardt, he is a perfectionist
  • Describe yourself in one word - myself
  • Instagram benny_richo

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