Christoph Speer, Hobart, TAS | Red Herring Surf, Skateboard Shop
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Christoph Speer

team rhs

  • Birth date - 26/2/1991
  • Hometown - Hobart
  • Residence - West Hobart
  • Years skating - Probably about... 17 years now.
  • Favourite place to skate - Anything quirky or a good bowl / vert ramp. Rosny is keeping me pretty occupied at the moment!
  • Favourite rail - I don't really skate rails anymore haha!
  • Favourite board - I love all boards. I'm really enjoying the new Device boards at the moment though!
  • Mode of transport – Just got myself a 4WD to fit surfboards and all the other lifestyle stuff in and love it!
  • Any pets - I have a fighting fish called Sailor Jerry for my apartment.
  • Favourite food - I do love a good healthy meal these days. Maybe some buckwheat with salt and pepper.
  • Favourite colour - Purple. Was red, then blue, now purple. Makes sense!
  • What gets you amped – A good bowl or vert session when everyone's amped to learn new tricks!
  • Which word/phrases do you most over use - 'I'.
  • Most treasured possession - My mind.
  • Dream job - I don't believe there's such thing as a dream job. Closest thing is something where I'm directly helping people be who they want to be.
  • Hang out with – Anyone down for a good skate session! I enjoy skating by myself most of the time though.
  • What’s your motto you live by - Think less, feel more.
  • You go skating because - It puts life into perspective.
  • Worst injury so far - Broken little finger.
  • Heroes - My sister.
  • Who is the best photog to shoot with – I like filming with Josh Morse, he keeps it fun!
  • Describe yourself in one word – Idealist
  • Instagram christophspeer
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