Kelly Nordstrom, Red Herring Surf | Skateboard Shop, Adult Wetsuits
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Kelly Nordstrom

team rhs

  • Hometown Clifton Beach
  • Years skating/surfing 11 years
  • Favourite place to surf Shipsterns, Wedge
  • Favourite board Firewire/Pyzel 'Spartan' , 6'0 , 28litres.
  • Sponsors? Red Herring Surf
  • Favourite food Smoked Salmon
  • Current obsession DJ's
  • What destination is next on your travel list? Hawaii for the winter season
  • Favourite place in Tassie Home or Marrawah
  • How would you describe paradise? Mates, warm weather, no crowds, pumping waves.
  • What’s your motto you live by Talkin' when i should have been listenin'
  • Worst injury so far Dislocated Knee
  • Heroes Kelly Slater , Steve Irwin
  • What is a perfect Sunday morning to you? One where you have just done a late decision hell mission up the coast or wherever, you wake up on sunrise , theres already warmth in the air and you score pumping waves all morning.
  • One thing you think everyone should try at least once? Camp on a beach
  • Top three bands? Bring Me the Horizon , RUFUS, John Butler Trio
  • Describe yourself in one word Pumped
  • Instagram nellykordstrom
  • Recent Posts
    • Last weekend saw Shippies awaken for the first time this year. ...

    • Two years ago I made a rule to take a single film photo every time I went surfing. I gave myself this task because things had started to blur together. Perhaps I was just starting to lose my marbles but I found that aside from those standout sessions most moments from an everyday surf seemed to be getting lost amongst the hustle and bustle of day to day life....

    • Never drive away from waves, don’t drink if the forecast looks good tomorrow and stick to the citrus program (substituted for carrots and hummus)...