What happens when you shop local? -
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What happens when you shop local?

You have supported your local community, and we give back it personally. We support Lifeline, Surfrider Foundation, Surfing Tasmania and The Tasmanian Life awards.


You are supporting and creating local jobs for your friends, neighbors and children.


You are contributing to society in a rewarding, healthy way. You are paying GST that goes into the community – paying for our schools, health, police and roads. Supporting local stores helps the Tasmanian economy greatly.



You have been a part of real, social interaction. Shared common interests talked about any problems and maybe even got a hug.


You have supported local surfers, skaters, artists, filmmakers and musicians and anyone else who we help to achieve their goals – without your support this would no longer be possible.


Keep supporting your Tasmanian local surf shop, and we will continue to support you.



Helping set up a surfboard in-store
Team Riders, Bella and Brooke
Local musicians, Close Counters
Staff members in Hobart, ready to interact and give hugs!

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