After seeing a forecast of warm weather, myself and a close bunch of friends knew that we had to head to the East Coast to explore and soak up the warm weather. Even though I have lived in Tassie for years I have never had the privilege of exploring that area for a longer period of time so the idea excited me. We decided to wing it this trip and head down without any real plans except for just enjoying the surroundings and checking out some new spots.


Sleep Bay Depth
Sleepy Bay

Firstly we headed to the beautiful Coles Bay area where we were greeted with warm weather and crystal clear water. Despite the cold temps of the water we immediately went for a swim to cool down and discussed some ideas for locations to check out. Honeymoon Bay seemed the best option for sunset and the light was insane to shoot in. We were also greeted by some friendly wallabies who watched the sun go down with us and hanged around while we cooked some dinner.


Wallaby East Coast
Mt Amos Scale

Mount Amos in Freycinet National Park has been on all our lists to shoot for so long so we decided that would be the sunrise spot. The alarm was set for 4am and we woke up to clear skies. The hike up was brutal and consisted of walking up steep and slippery granite rocks. Reaching the top made the climb so worth it as we caught the golden light just in the right moments which made for some epic photos. I highly recommend the hike, just make sure you have a good level of fitness, sturdy hiking boots and plenty of water.


Cooking Dinner
Honeymoon Bay

The rest of the day was spent snorkelling around Coles Bay and sharing good times with mates. We checked out Sleepy Bay for a quick and easy hike and we all agreed that it would be an epic swimming sport for our next trip to the same area. Sunset consisted of a relaxing time watching the sun go down over the Hazards. It was great to see them glowing in the late afternoon sun.


Cape Tourville
Cape Tourville Waves

Our last morning was spent watching the sun rise at Cape Tourville. An epic little spot with an old lighthouse built in 1971. It is amazing to see how it has stood the test of time and reminded us all how ancient the landscapes are in the area. After packing up all our camping gear we all agreed that this trip had been one of the best with Mount Amos being the highlight for us all. There is so much more to see so another trip is definitely on the cards in the new year.


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